Founders Message

Staying healthy is not rocket science, you don’t actually need to complicate things. You don’t need to break the bank, neither do you need to buy expensive supplements – those things are not necessary. You need to understand that big pharma needs to make a lot of profit and they usually don’t care. I personally have stayed medicine free for over two decades – I have trained my immune system to defend itself, there’s no need outsourcing that job to big pharma, it will just end up with a lot of free radicals that I don’t want. I’m living a healthy and happy life and I didn’t really have to buy into the marketing gimmicks of many nutraceutical brands. Every now and then there’s always research on longevity or extending lifespan. The truth is you don’t need all of that if you are doing things right. If you don’t get the foundation right, there’s no magic pill that will suddenly extend your lifespan or miraculously solve all your problems. You can’t literally buy good health with money – it also comes from unlearning and relearning while integrating all you have learned into your daily habits. It is that simple. Stay glued to this website, I will always share the truth I know.

Chinonso Anyaehie