Problem solving



This fascination with mechanisms to prolong life led to the launch of my first research project on longevity. I named this project Reviveron, which depicts my mission to revive life and slow down the aging process. My goal is to build a platform for longevity medicines using "smart drugs" (prodrugs) that have the capacity to selectively be activated in target cells predicted to be pathogenic and the cause of age-related diseases.

Is Aging Inevitable?

Rejuvenation biotechnology is a multidisciplinary strategy that tries to prevent and treat age-related diseases by directly targeting the aging processes. It is based on treating the underlying hallmarks of aging and restoring their damage, which causes the typical diseases of old age. Repairing the underlying damage may make tissues and organs biologically younger and healthier, preventing or treating age-related diseases.




Aging cannot be entirely reversed by any one therapy. When it comes to undoing the harm that aging brings to our bodies, there will be no miracle solution. Because there are so many diverse and connected factors that contribute to aging, rejuvenation requires technology that is just as diverse and comprehensive.